• We are the First Domestic Firm in Turkey

    We are the First Domestic Firm in Turkey

    We are the first domestic firm that realized the assembly of an elevator at the cruising distance of 200m at the Azerbaijan TV tower with 2 elevators with a capacity of 1000 kg and a speed of 4 m/second

  • Special Design and Engineering

    Special Design and Engineering

    We have designed the special design cargo elevator at the Haydar Aliyev Culture center, which has 8000 kg capacity, 15 m3 surface area and 25 cm well bottom.

  • Solutions at Buildings That Have High Volume Traffic

    Solutions at Buildings That Have High Volume Traffic

    There are 7 elevators, which have 15 stops and 1.6 m/sec., at the Yeditepe Men’s Student Dorm, which has a capacity of 2400 people

  • Let us Overcome All Obstacles!

    Let us Overcome All Obstacles!

    We overcome obstacles with our disabled elevator projects, which you can use in your life areas

  • Panoramic Elevator Solutions

    Panoramic Elevator Solutions

    Panoramic elevator solutions on Overpasses, Shopping Mall villas or other life areas

  • Escalator and Belt Conveyors

    Escalator and Belt Conveyors

    Solutions both for open and closed locations such as shopping malls, airports and pedestrian crossings

  • Children are Our World

    Children are Our World

    Special elevator cabins designed for a more pleasant use by children at schools

We serve you with Extreme Projects and Our Special Elevator Designs

In the middle of 2008 we desgined a product with a new package for our company.  Among the major principles for creating the As7 model elevaotr was the goal of creating a package elevator that contains new products.

Monthly maintenance and electric and mechanic inspections are carried out in accordance with the standards.

For the elevators to be used with confidence, the required electronic and mechanical parts must be modernized.

With its experience of more than 20 years, the goal of our firm is to offer you safe, reliable and comfortable journeys thanks to our engineers and technicians, who are experts in their areas.

The significance of the elevator sector has increased since the construction of high rise buildings increased with the urban transformation projects.

About Cersan Elevator

Our firm fulfills customer requests regarding electric and hydraulic elevators that are used in human, gurney, cargo and servicing services inside Turkey and abroad in accordance with the CE and ISO 9001 quality systems.

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Cersan Official Instagram Account On Air.

Cersan Official Instagram Account On Air

Cersan Official Instagram Account On Air

CNR Expo Elevator Fair.

CNR Expo Elevator Fair

We expect all of our participants at our elevator fair that will take place at CNR Expo between the dates of 25-28 September...